ecomac Gebrauchtmaschinen GmbH
Buying and selling of used lines and machines for the beverage industry and food industry

ecomac Gebrauchtmaschinen GmbH - reusing, recovery, recycling

Experience of second spring. We make this possible for used machines from the beverage and food industry. Our name says it all:

ecomac Gebrauchtmaschinen

It´s all about the ecological handling of aging machines. That means: reusing at the market or recycling.
And that is what we do !

Behind all our services is an energetic team of 25 employees. They made what ecomac Gebrauchtmaschinen GmbH is and have, among other things, ensured that we have been consistently on the market for 25 years.

In the future, too, we want to give used machines a second chance to show their know-how. And offer our global customers fast, cost-conscious solutions.

That is what we stand for: ecomac


ecomac celebrates it´s 25. anniversary

A quarter of a century is now ecomac and this is definitely a reason to celebrate!

In 1997, ecomac was founded as a subsidiary of Krones, specialized in overhauling of used machines and their resale. Dealing with old machines ecologically – that is what the company is all about. According to the slogan “as good as new” ecomac works with large, even with small companies in the beverage industry. The reconditioned, more cost-conscius used machines form a win-win situation for both sides.

By the re-using and recycling of used machines ecomac lives a very ecological approach to recources. The company thus makes a positive contribution to sustainability.

drinktec 2022 | 12-16 September in Munich | Hall B6
ecomac at the drinktec 2022
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